Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a year later, yard and garden edition

I was looking through my book of pictures of the day from last year, and I realized how very, very different this summer is from last. 
I thought it might be fun to review a few of the differences.

For example, here's our backyard on a day late last June:

And now, here's our backyard as of yesterday:

Last summer, I was enjoying these fresh from the garden:
This summer I gave up.  When I watered the garden every day the plants started turning yellow from too much water.  But when I missed even a single day, they withered up from the heat. 
So this year, here's my tomato plants:
Pitiful.  I know.  Hopefully I'll still feel up to gardening again once September comes around and we can start the second planting season.
And for our final yard and garden example, here's my flower garden from last July:
And this July:
I actually purchased flowers a few months ago, but they all promptly died.  I decided not to spend any more money on a lost cause.

I don't know if it is possible to have seasonal depression from summertime, but I'm certainly craving some cloudy days, rainstorms, and cool winds.  

It rained for maybe 90 seconds one day last week, and I actually ran outside and cheered.

I think Nicholas is tired of it too.  Every time we step outside to get in the car he puts his hands over his eyes and says
"Too hot!  Head hot!"  And then he looks at me like: why do we live here, Mommy?
I don't know. (Okay, okay, it's the job. I know.)

 I sent him out a few days ago to play in the wading pool, and a few minutes later he was sweating and begging me to let him come back inside, have some milk, and watch a show.  It's too hot here even to play in the pool.

Can it be winter yet?


jesika said...

i can't believe you said let it be winter! :)

heidi said...

oh lol! you can do it, just force the love of heat!! It can be done, I promise.

Teresa said...

Think of it as your "winter" but instead of 7 months of snow you have 5 months of heat.
I realize that heat is not fun...maybe some porch "misters" would help so Nicholas could still swim in his little back porch pool.