Thursday, April 21, 2011

a few things

 A few things we've been up to this week:

Saturday picnic.  Saturday morning Kent told me that he would pressure wash the driveway if I organized a big picnic with all our friends at the park.  
Long story short, no one could come to our picnic and the rental places didn't call Kent back about the pressure washers,
but, we had a delightful little family picnic on our patio, with lunchables for the boys, turkey sandwich for mom, and oreos for dessert.  The weather was absolutely heavenly---only twelve percent humidity (which garners a "severe weather alert" here in Texas) and in the mid-70's.  If only it could be like that all summer here...sigh.
Nicholas loves (and I mean loves) to watch videos on YouTube of dogs, babies, or both.   He throws major tantrums when we have to turn it off after 45 minutes of watching dogs chase balls and play the piano or babies giggling.  He is equally fascinated with both, and Kent tells me that means we have to get him either a dog or a baby.

I think for now he'll just have to keep watching YouTube.

And yesterday we were finally able to rent that pressure washer.  I know this might not be the most exciting thing to many of you, 
but boy oh boy am I glad to have a clean driveway!
 Texas humidity means perfect growing conditions for all kinds of yucky mildewey black stuff.

I planted ranunculus bulbs last December.  The plants sprouted in January, and they pretty much just looked like weeds for three months, until they finally bloomed a few weeks ago.
They've been so gorgeous-I think next year I'll plant more of them so I have more to cut and put in the house.


Mariley Johnson said...

We just pressure washed our driveway too and it's awesome!! Watch out though. I think SAWS didn't like it so much during the drought...

shannon said...

I love Kent's comment on the dog/baby issue. :) I saw a cute laughing baby video on the news today . . . if I can find it I'll send you the link!

Teresa said...

Wow your drive way looks great. Hope you kinds have a wonderful Easter.
ps...did Nicholas get the little package we sent?

Lisa Brown said...

A baby is a much better idea than a dog :). And I remember how they would have to pressure wash everything in Georgia and NC, because the houses would get as mildew covered as your driveway was.

magunn said...

Someday, when I have a home, I want it to look just like yours. Love it! Also, Mac loves looking at blogs with me. He just pointed at some of the pictures of Nicholas and said, "Baby, baby!" I know MORE time staring at the computer is not very desireable, but it's another option.

heidi said...

that's a bummer that no one could come to your picnic but your driveway looks awesome! I have some serious stuff needing pressure washed too. I'm just waiting for Sam to get to it on his LIST of to do projects.