Wednesday, December 8, 2010

maybe we get a little carried away...

but Christmas is our favorite holiday
and when it comes to decorating for it, 
we do not lack in enthusiasm.

Kent wanted to decorate the first week of November.
I grew up in a "not until December!" family,
but we compromised and decorated the week before Thanksgiving.

Everything about Christmas is about a billion times more fun with Nicholas.  He loves our decorations, especially the tree.
Every morning when we come downstairs and plug in the lights, 
he responds with just as enthusiastic a "wow!" as he did the morning before.
He has figured out how to switch the power strip, and his favorite thing to do is sit behind the tree and
flip the switch. Lights on, lights off. lights on, lights off.  What fun!

Oh, and you probably noticed how only the top half of our tree is decorated.  
Even with that precaution, this morning I vacuumed up broken ornament number 7.
I can't blame Nicholas too much, though.  The ornaments do look exactly like balls.

I think that much of how a person feels about Christmas is directly related to what Christmas was like for them as a child. We are trying to make sure that Christmas for Nicholas is simply magical.
For me, Christmas was always excitement, sparkling lights, music, freshly-fallen snow, piles and piles of gifts from Santa, sleigh bells outside the windows on Christmas eve, and beloved traditions.


The Woodward Family said...

Becca, your house is beautiful!! I LOVE all your decorations. I can't wait to have more space to decorate someday. Christmas is so much fun, and I'll bet having a little child does make it a lot more exciting. I especially love the frame with the pictures of Christ. I've been wanting to do something like that. How fun, I wish I could come visit you!!

Creole Wisdom said...

Becca, it looks gorgeous! Nice job. I love how excited Kent was, and I grew up like you- no decorations until December, but I just have to get my tree up right after Thanksgiving. The garland on the cake stand is just lovely!

Teresa said...

Becca...I love all the wonderful little touches of christmas all through your have beyond doubt made it magical.
Merry we are sending your gifts to your parents home.

heidi said...

beautiful! I have to laugh at the half decorated tree, I totally get it!

shannon said...

everything looks great! Did you handcut all the parts of the garland? Wow. I did notice the half-decorated tree. :) A couple years ago I bought a cheap 3 or 4 foot artificial tree that is just the kids. It stays in their playroom and they can decorate and re-decorate it as much as they want. With whatever they want. We have a box of kid-friendly ornaments, mostly ones that they have made in school over the years. It keeps their hands off my "pretty tree."

Sharlee said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love your ideas. I love your furniture! CUTE! We decorated (not too much..because we don't have a whole lot yet) a week before Thanksgiving, too!

Lisa Brown said...

Love your decorations! And when Lily and Derek were little, we had a 4 foot artificial tree, and we would put it up on a card table so they couldn't reach the ornaments. And so, like any crazy child, they moved a chair over to the table and tried to get at them. You just can't win :).

Mike and Alli said...

Becca, you must teach me the ways of your blogging success. How do you get your photos to display so big? HUH? It is beyond me. :) Oh, and your house looks great!