Monday, November 8, 2010

hidden cache

After Nicholas went down for his nap, I did my
three six-times-daily pickup routine.

In the kitchen I reached down to pick up a fridge magnet,
looked to my right and found this:
 The secret stash.
This tells me three things:
  1. I have a very creative little boy who is hiding things from us for a reason I have not yet determined.
  2. I need to sweep under the island ASAP.  
  3. Maybe we should have purchased the kickboard that goes to the island after all. Although it probably wouldn't have fit in the car.


Creole Wisdom said...

Little people crack me up. O does the same thing, except with his parent's camera, cell phone and keys... Don't know why they give those items to him for play, but he has all sorts of caches around their apartment. It's kind of funny, getting down to their eye level really makes you realize all the places they find and stash things in!

heidi said...

how funny! there always seems to be some place kids can hide things, and they do it!!

Lisa Brown said...

Ah yes, memories of this same sort of thing :). It still happens to some extent, but I remember when Lily was his age, and she took all the refridgerator magnets she could find and shoved them under the fridge. They stuck to the metal on the bottome of the fridge, and there they stayed - I could not get them out.